How to Dual-Boot Windows-10 + Ubuntu-20.04 for Dell G3 3590?

So i recently purchased the Dell G3 3590 i7 1Tb + 512Ssd varient with pre-installed Windows 10. For many reasons I needed a dual boot system with both Ubuntu and Windows installed. So, after searching alot & digging in many places i finally managed to Dual boot Dell G3 3590 with latest ubuntu 20.04 + Windows 10. lets get started....


  • Windows 10 in comes with Secure-Boot and Bitlocker encryption, which hides it to the Ubuntu installer & it does't show windows 10 is installed in boot menu.
  • U need to disable Bitlocker encryption it may take some time for that go to 
Start->Control Panel->System and Security->Bitlocker Drive Encryption->Turn off Bitlocker / Decrypt the drive


  • Free up some space in your hard-disk to create “unallocated space”using the built-in Disk-Management tool in Windows 10
  • Now we will reboot the system in “Safe Mode” and then make some changes in the BIOS. For doing this, open Command Prompt (cmd) as Admin, and run following command:
bcdedit /set {current} safeboot minimal

  • Now exit the cmd & turn off the laptop.
  • Now Power on your laptop by holding F12 key until bios menu shows up
  • In Bios setup set the variables as mentioned below
  1. Settings->General->Boot Sequence->Choose “UEFI”
  2. Settings->General->Advanced Boot Options->Uncheck “Enable Legacy Option ROMs”
  3. Settings->Secure Boot->Secure Boot Enabled->Choose “Disabled” / Uncheck “Enabled”
  4. Settings->System Configuration->SATA Operation->Choose “AHCI” instead of “RAID ON” (This is very imp step it is very important to do this in Safe mode otherwise you might not be able to access Windows after installation!!)
  • After making these changes, save and exit and then the system will automatically boot normally in safe mode. Open the command prompt again and disable the safe mode by typing this command:
bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot
  • Now exit the cmd & turn off the system
  • Now prepare the Ubuntu bootable USB/DVD and then connect it to the PC
  • Turn the System on, and keep pressing F12 to go into the boot options screen.
  • Then select your external bootable usb storage, and Ubuntu installer will launch.
  • Follow the instructions as they come on screen, and while choosing the partition, choose the unallocated space if u have any doubt then refer to this article.
  •  After the installation is complete, the system will reboot.
  • You would see the normal purple Grub screen with Ubuntu, Windows listed and you can choose the OS you want to boot from the menu. 

    That's how u can dual boot Dell G3 3590 this guide can be used for other Dell Laptop series too like Xps,Inspiron & etc.

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